Company Profile

Christian Piers Betley - President

Christian Piers Betley is a prolific writer, having built up a slate of over fifteen films during the past ten years, many of which are now currently in development and production. As the creative mind of Axel Pictures, he seeks out original subject matter as well as rich, biographical stories, covering a range of genres. In addition to his creative talent, Christian has extensive experience in the business of film. He successfully managed two production companies, with a global production platform, working in diverse filmmaking traditions of feature and drama production, high-end commercials and advertising. Christian set up and ran Zeitgeist Films Ltd in Denmark in 1997, developing screenplays, concept reality series and script package submissions for numerous European production companies. In 2000, Christian was invited to Dubai, UAE where as managing director, he set up FilmCorp LLC as a high-end corporate subsidiary production company of Filmworks LLC -- now one of the largest and most successful production companies in the Middle East.

Sophie Benzing - Producer

Sophie Benzing has produced for the FOX network and hosted leading news coverage for the BBC, whilst successfully establishing herself as a production executive for numerous feature projects. As Head of Development for Axel Pictures, Sophie has developed an extensive portfolio of screenplays, most recently working alongside Producer Nick Laws, and is actively involved in the motor racing motion picture ‘Wings of Fire’.

Jack Bowyer - Executive Producer

Jack Bowyer, financial investor has been working with Axel Pictures since its advent, and others, in developing a media investment portfolio which comprises several international feature movies. He's a former director of George Gale & Company.

Wade Hobson - Executive Producer

Wade Hobson has 17 years finance and investment relations experience in a variety of related fields including Digital Content, New Media technologies and Digital Communications networks which inevitably brought him into the Film and Entertainment industry, as the many aspects of distribution converge into a global platform. Wade is currently living in Sydney, Australia and sits on the advisory board of an international film fund focused on Austral-Asia, as well as executive producing independent projects.

Axel Pictures Inc - Canadian Attorney

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